My husband and I visited the Inn recently to celebrate our anniversary. It was early afternoon on a Saturday and we were one of two tables in the restaurant.
As relaxing and welcoming the interior is in early afternoon, I would love to visit at night with all the candles on the tables lit. I imagine it presents a lovely scene.
Our waiter was wonderful. He was attentive without being intrusive. Our drinks,appetizers and dinner were served perfectly timed. We never felt rushed or
Wanting to try a variety of items, we ordered the crab dip, steamed clams and the baked tomato soup to start.The crab dip was delectable. My husband enjoyed each aand every steamed clam, slightly salted and perfectly prepared. The tomato soup was rich and creamy, piping hot with chunks of tomato with hot melted cheese and croutons. I know I will be back for this when the weather turns cold again.
Our entrees were, for him, the huge broiled crabcake with harvard beets and cole slaw.
I had the seafood plate with coconut shrimp, broiled scallops and broiled crabcake with scalloped potatoes and cole slaw. Our plan, initially, had been to take part of our dinner home with us. That did not happen. Each and every bite beckoned to be followed by another until the plates were cleared and we were in a state of culinary contentment. 
My one and only regret is that I chose to take dessert home. I am a dessert person. I will overindulge ever time for dessert.
The dessert tray was brought out and I chose the brownie with marshmallow and peanuts. I looked forward to enjoying this with coffee at home that night. It was only okay. The brownie was dry and the flavor so so.
My rule of thumb for our future visits will be to stick to the rest of the menu. There were several other offerings we are anxious to try and if this visit is any indication of the quality of service and food, that visit will be sooner than later, for certain.